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Sayur Lodeh

Warm but light, full of vegetables and made from fresh coconut milk. A delightful soup for vegetarians.

Nonya Kueh

A classic Nonya dessert. Nonya Kueh is one of our all-time favorites.

Dry Laksa

A true SpiceVillage special. Less oily, less salty but still comes with a kick. Must try!

Nonya Curry Chicken

One of our customer's all time favourites. Flavorful traditional nonya curry chicken with our secret spices.

Bubur Hitam

A traditional asian dessert. Rich and lush bubur stirred in fresh creamy coconut milk guaranteed to satisfy sweet tooths.

Grilled Chicken

Our ever popular grilled chicken is marinated for hours and grilled to perfection. Crispy and tender.

Tahu Goreng Chilli Garam

A loved dish that goes perfect with rice. Our Sambal ladies fingers (bendi) is both savoury and spicy while maintaining a crunch.

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Asian Buffet

Local favourites starting from $11/pax
Chinese & Nonya
Customer favorites

European Buffet

Classic & modern cuisines starting from $20/pax
French & Italian
Customer favorites

Mini Buffet

Sweet and savoury delights starting from $12/pax
Contemporary Selections
Customer favorites

Meet our leading Chef

Jean Luc Prevost

Head chef Jean is a master chef from France. He has been with the company for 4 years and has helmed at multiple renowned restaurants over the years.

His specialities are authentic french cuisines with a splash of modern zest. He has created multiple unique dishes that has won acclammation among customers and press.

Jean heads our team of talented chefs and are passionated do delivering the best dishes possible everytime with immaculate precision.

He only uses the freshest ingredients and prides in the upmost quality of the food he serves.

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